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What is the meaning of sympathetic in Hindi?

Meaning of sympathetic in Hindi is : हमदर्द

Definition of word sympathetic

  • Of, related to, showing, or characterized by sympathy. (adjective)
  • Of or relating to similarity. (adjective)

Examples of word sympathetic

    • A biographer should be sympathetic; not blind, not indulgent, but _sympathetic_.
    • Fandral, his expression sympathetic, interjected, You are weary, Hamuul, and I have been remiss in my treatment of you.
    • The suit glanced over, his expression sympathetic.
    • Sometimes, when you do render safe procedure like this and use a disruptor, sometimes there will be what they call a sympathetic detonation, where if it was a real bomb, sometimes it will go ahead and, you know, set that off.
    • And sometimes you would get what they call a sympathetic detonation.


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