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What is the meaning of synonymous in Hindi?

Meaning of synonymous in Hindi is : समानार्थी

Definition of word synonymous

  • having a similar meaning (adjective)
  • of, or being a synonym (adjective)
  • Such that both its forms yield the same sequenced protein. (adjective)

Examples of word synonymous

  • It's a label synonymous with everything posh: flawless fabric, a historic design archive and top-drawer clients.
  • It is the name synonymous with the nation's favourite sauce and one of the best-known brands in the world.
  • Soon, he would embark on the movies that would make his name synonymous with spectacle and display, movies that portrayed elemental human passions amidst settings of such splendidly enlarged dimensions that they could fire the imaginations of the dullest member of the audience.
  • Most notably, Area 2 had been home to Detective Jon Burge, a name synonymous in the city with torture in interrogations.
  • He could imagine what it might be like, a new ruler who suddenly finds himself confronted by a name synonymous with the darkest evil as far as his race is concerned.


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