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What is the meaning of system in Hindi?

Meaning of system in Hindi is : स‌ंहति

Definition of word system

  • A collection of organized things; as in a solar system. (noun)
  • A way of organising or planning. (noun)
  • A whole composed of relationships among the members. (noun)
  • A set of staffs that indicate instruments or sounds that are to be played simultaneously. (noun)
  • A set of equations involving the same variables, which are to be solved simultaneously. (noun)

Examples of word system

  • The net heat flow is still from the hot sun through the system to the cold of space, the problem is that this is a *different system* than the previous one with less GHG's.
  • I do understand the current system, and your point about FRB is valid _within the existing system_.
  • As there is a railway system and a hotel system, so there is also a _pig system_, by which this place is marked out from any other.
  • This is purely accidental, of course, and doesn't mean that the U.S. electoral system is any better mostly because it's essentially the *same system*, but Canada has "a lot of work to do" on the electoral system as well as on the things you point out.
  • Although it had European precedents, the system of interchangeable parts became known as “the American system” because it was most fully exploited in the United States and became the foundation of the mass production characteristic of American industry at a later date.


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