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What is the meaning of tacit in Hindi?

Meaning of tacit in Hindi is : सूचित

Definition of word tacit

  • Done or made in silence; implied, but not expressed; silent; as, tacit consent is consent by silence, or by not interposing an objection. (adjective)

Examples of word tacit

  • The following is a decisive, though what we call a tacit reference to
  • A dying LBJ retired to Texas and let his hair grow long, some say in tacit allegiance to the anti-war protesters who once marched outside his White House.
  • Destabilizing Iran goads Pakistan into the conflict (or their intelligence agency, anyway), would shift several of the ex-Soviet Central Asian republics closer to Russia and in tacit support of Iran, may cause Turkey to leave NATO, will lead to Lebanon and Syria launching an invasion of Israel …
  • Consequently, both sides have exhibited considerable restraint and have chosen to eschew horizontal escalation and not to violate certain tacit thresholds.
  • The firm, in tacit collaboration with the other firms in the industry, has wholly sufficient power to set and maintain minimum prices.
  • Are they all just sitting on their hands in tacit alliance with the Jihadist ideas?
  • Nevertheless, there was a certain tacit understanding, without any obligation, a certain tacit understanding, that the probability was that if war broke out we would all find ourselves in it together, and it followed from that that we were prepared in times of peace to get together and try to coordinate our actions.