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What is the meaning of tail in Hindi?

Meaning of tail in Hindi is : साथी

Definition of word tail

  • The caudal appendage of an animal that is attached to its posterior and near the anus. (noun)
  • The tail-end of an object, e.g. the rear of an aircraft's fuselage, containing the tailfin. (noun)
  • An object or part thereof resembling a tail in shape, such as the thongs on a cat-o'-nine-tails or other multi-tail whip. (noun)
  • The rear structure of an aircraft, the empennage (noun)
  • Specifically, the visible stream of dust and gases blown from a comet by the solar wind. (noun)
  • The latter part of a time period or event, or (collectively) persons or objects represented in this part. (noun)
  • The part of a distribution most distant from the mode; as, a long tail. (noun)
  • One who surreptitiously follows another. (noun)
  • The last four or five batsmen in the batting order, usually specialist bowlers. (noun)
  • The lower loop of the letters in the Roman alphabet, as in g, q or y. (noun)
  • The side of a coin not bearing the head; normally the side on which the monetary value of the coin is indicated; the reverse. (noun)
  • All the last terms of a sequence, from some term on. (noun)
  • The buttocks or backside. (noun)
  • The male member of a person or animal. (noun)
  • Sexual intercourse. (noun)
  • the stern; the back of the kayak. (noun)
  • limitation of inheritance to certain heirs. (noun)
  • To surreptitiously follow and observe. (verb)
  • To hold by the end; said of a timber when it rests upon a wall or other support; with in or into (verb)
  • To swing with the stern in a certain direction; said of a vessel at anchor. (verb)
  • Limited. (adjective)

Examples of word tail

  • The female Lophophorus has been living on nothing for at least a week; its voice is various, sometimes not unlike that of a large hawk, at others a cackle, or low chuckle; occasionally it runs forward, erecting its crest, and spreading out its tail like a fan, the _tail being_
  • The Indian gave him to understand that he did trade horses, but as the mule had little or no tail, and the pony a long one, "_he wanted the sugar, tobacco, and flour to make up for the tail_!"
  • These latter, of the celebrated Shanghae breed, were the finest specimens I have seen for a long time; and the most striking peculiarity about them was the preponderance of fat to their caudal extremities, the tail of each being of an entirely different formation from that of the European breed; and I can compare it to nothing better than an immense woolly mop, "in the place where the _tail_ ought to grow."
  • _Dom Gianni, at the instance of his gossip Pietro, performeth a conjuration for the purpose of causing the latter's wife to become a mare; but, whenas he cometh to put on the tail, Pietro marreth the whole conjuration, saying that he will not have a tail_
  • Its tail is short for a felines, taking less than half the length of the body.


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