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What is the meaning of take away in Hindi?

Meaning of take away in Hindi is :

Definition of word take away

  • To be eaten off the premises. (adjective)
  • A restaurant that sells food to be eaten elsewhere. (noun)
  • A meal bought to be eaten elsewhere. (noun)
  • The preliminary part of a golfer′s swing when the club is brought back away from the ball. (noun)
  • A concession made by a labor union in the course of negotiations. (noun)
  • An idea from a talk, presentation, etc., that the listener or reader should remember and consider. (noun)

Examples of word take away

  • The main takeaway is damn, dude, you really should wear those things when the media is allowed inside.
  • But other than our love of adventure, the survey's main takeaway is that while Americans are getting smarter about safe sex they are still not thinking about protection as much as we should.
  • I think you're right about the circular nature of the discussion ... that was (sadly) my main takeaway from the first round of Shawn Elliot's Symposium, which I think is still a cool idea, and in a way it's kind of nice to see a discussion that is messy when internet entropy makes so much else so miniaturized ...
  • My main takeaway is that the source of the data or rather, controlling the source of the data becomes less and less important – what we now haveto contend with are dynamic displays that source their data from across the web.
  • I think the takeaway is their greed for more no-bid freebees is more powerful than their desire to keep this lawsuit out of the courts.


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