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What is the meaning of take up in Hindi?

Meaning of take up in Hindi is : स्वीकार करना

Definition of word take up

  • That which takes up or tightens; specifically, a device in a sewing machine for drawing up the slack thread as the needle rises, in completing a stitch. (noun)
  • To pick up. (verb)
  • To begin doing (an activity) on a regular basis. (verb)
  • To address (an issue). (verb)
  • To occupy; to consume (space or time). (verb)
  • To shorten by hemming. (verb)
  • To accept (a proposal, offer, request, etc.) from. (verb)
  • to resume (verb)
  • To implement, to employ, to put into use. (verb)

Examples of word take up

  • Incremental negatives now: 1) a dramatic ramp-up in International expansion spend for 2012 without sufficient evidence of strong Latin American takeup - Q4 guidance implies a sequential decline in International Net Sub Adds; and 2) a significant decline in U.S. Hybrid Streaming/DVD) Subs post the 9/15 negative pre-release.
  • Mr. Millar added the airline will have a better idea of takeup during the summer period when he expects more people to book reserved seats on longer flights and when more families fly.
  • "This takeup was really surprising," she said, calling it a worrisome development.
  • Raise the speed and beat until smooth; this may takeup toten minutes.
  • For the over-threes there is highly subsidised and readily available childcare, with an 86% takeup.


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