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What is the meaning of takes in Hindi?

Meaning of takes in Hindi is :

Definition of word takes

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of take. (verb)
  • Plural form of take. (noun)

Examples of word takes

    • (DINAH _curtsies and takes his arm and they go up_ C.) (DINAH _takes mincing steps and playfully shakes her hand at_ MR. PIM,
    • When applied to art, which actually brings us back to the word's Greek and Latin roots, the term takes on added luster.
    • It's difficult to pinpoint the precise moment when a term takes on new meaning, but Aretha Franklin's 1967 anthem, "Respect," was an early indicator of this particular rhetorical shift.
    • The title takes its name from a William Blake poem that was turned into an English hymn to give hope to soldiers fighting in the bleak first World War, and there's a mythological strain that runs through the play's three acts.
    • Manchester United had an even worse weekend when falling at home to Blackburn Rovers, who are now 19th in the table, but the scrutiny of City is more intense, since a challenge for the title takes this squad into new territory.