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What is the meaning of takin in Hindi?

Meaning of takin in Hindi is :

Definition of word takin

  • A Himalayan goat-antelope, Budorcas taxicolor. (noun)

Examples of word takin

  • I guess the perfessers succeeded in takin 'all the interest out o' the subjects for him, after the way he'd lived life, and besides he was low on money all this time.
  • "Masther Jim gev special insthructions not to be later'n half-past four in takin 'y' in, sir," said the Irishman.
  • I've talked to him like a brother, but it's little he sees in takin 'in his lights or flyin' false signals.
  • I’ve talked to him like a brother, but it’s little he sees in takin’ in his lights or flyin’ false signals.
  • I toyed with the idea of takin 'Jeff's folks to court for attempted fuckin' murder.
  • He's a butt kickin ', name takin' SOB …. which is exactly what this bunch of banana's needs ..
  • synners tag takin' cheap shots at p. diddy talk like a pirate tea from an empty cup technological torture technology technology apocalypse--long time coming teh cheezburgr strikes again!