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What is the meaning of talk in Hindi?

Meaning of talk in Hindi is : स्विकार करना

Definition of word talk

  • A conversation or discussion. (noun)
  • A lecture. (noun)
  • A major topic of social discussion. (noun)
  • Empty boasting, promises or claims. (noun)
  • To communicate, usually by means of speech. (verb)
  • To discuss. (verb)
  • Confess, especially implicating others. (verb)
  • Criticize someone for something of which one is guilty oneself. (verb)
  • Gossip; create scandal. (verb)

Examples of word talk

  • Now I'm going to continue educating my 8 month old on love the world, but don't talk to strangers..talk to me about sex..
  • Of the slew of candidates and wannabee candidates running for the grand prize of President, how many really \ 'talk the talk\', let alone \ 'walk the walk\'?
  • Talkers talk or speak _words_ or _talk_; Walkers walk _walkings_ or _walks_; The rain rains
  • Verbs are inflected or changed to indicate the time of the action as past, present, or future; as, _I talk, I talked, I shall talk_, etc.
  • Momentous questions should be thrust aside until later, and the talk should be -- well, _talk_, not arguing, quarreling, or scandal-mongering.
  • And yet these momentary chances we covet; and spend our years, and passions, and powers in pursuit of little more than these; while, meantime, there is a society continually open to us, of people who will talk to us as long as we like, whatever our rank or occupation; —talk to us in the best words they can choose, and of the things nearest their hearts.
  • Join a debating society -- talk, _talk_, _TALK_, and always extemporize.
  • The Happy Hexagons met, of course, to study Texas, and to talk Texas; though, as Bertha Brown's brother, Charlie, somewhat impertinently declared, they did not need to meet to _talk_ Texas -- they did that without any meeting!
  • Then he began to talk -- to _talk_, not to preach, speaking every word with an inflection of the truest sincerity.
  • "I beg of you in God's name to talk to me -- to _talk_ to me!"


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