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What is the meaning of talked in Hindi?

Meaning of talked in Hindi is :

Definition of word talked

  • Simple past tense and past participle of talk. (verb)

Examples of word talked

  • Verbs also vary to indicate completed or incompleted action; as, _I have talked, I shall have talked_, etc.
  • Then -- well, then all the tongues leaped into action, and for the remainder of that evening, like Thackeray's folk "At the Springs," they talked, and they talked, _and they talked_.
  • His title talked about London and Connecticut, which I trust he could find on a map.
  • The innovation status gives a school more freedom than a term talked about a lot last year: autonomy.
  • Plus, a five-week lag time between the times that he talked is an eternity when gathering intelligence.


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