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What is the meaning of talking in Hindi?

Meaning of talking in Hindi is : भाषा

Definition of word talking

  • The action of the verb talk (noun)
  • Present participle of talk. (verb)

Examples of word talking

    • I was bored at work and spent some time talking -- really * talking* -- to a telemarketer.
    • * Talking 2: if you mean talking talkingÂ…. no one.
    • So I wouldn't be surprised if there are some people who are urging him, sit out the rest of the term talking with people in the home district.
    • GTrust Financial Partners in Overland Park, spent much of his term talking with federal officials about regulatory reform, being interviewed by the national media and helping explain complex financial planning issues.
    • If you were a witness in a criminal case asked to recall how close two suspects were standing next to each other "whispering", you'd likely report a smaller distance than if the questioner had used the word "talking".


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