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What is the meaning of tang in Hindi?

Meaning of tang in Hindi is : दाँतेदार समुद्री शैवाल

Definition of word tang

  • tongue (noun)
  • A refreshingly sharp aroma or flavor (noun)
  • A strong or offensive taste; especially, a taste of something extraneous to the thing itself; as, wine or cider has a tang of the cask (noun)
  • A sharp, specific flavor or tinge (noun)
  • A projecting part of an object by means of which it is secured to a handle, or to some other part; anything resembling a tongue in form or position (noun)
  • The part of a knife, fork, file, or other small instrument, which is inserted into the handle (noun)
  • The projecting part of the breech of a musket barrel, by which the barrel is secured to the stock (noun)
  • The part of a sword blade to which the handle is fastened (noun)
  • The tongue of a buckle (noun)
  • A group of saltwater fish from the Acanthuridae family, especially the Zebrasoma genus, also known as the surgeonfish. (noun)
  • A sharp, twanging sound; an unpleasant tone; a twang (noun)
  • To make a ringing sound; to ring. (verb)
  • A coarse blackish seaweed (Fuscus nodosus) (noun)
  • The vagina; intercourse with a woman (noun)

Examples of word tang

  • With an 870 and almost any other shotgun, the end grain of the stock where it joins the action at the tang is a usual trouble spot for oil soaking.
  • It had a great flavor, with a nice butteriness and a very subtle tang from the long first rise.
  • Yes | No | Report from bigjake wrote 11 weeks 6 days ago not crazy about the safety on my old stevens 5000, only because of its postion on the tang is too close to the stock, and I have large hands, Im always checking the safety to make sure it hasnt been brushed ahead by hitting my hand.
  • It comes out to be closer to the consistency of buttermilk than yogurt does and still has a little of that tang from the vinegar.
  • Some find the tang of Pinkberry excessive, even aggressive; others say that yogurt without tang is just low-fat ice cream.


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