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What is the meaning of tart in Hindi?

Meaning of tart in Hindi is : वेश्या

Definition of word tart

  • Sharp to the taste; acid; sour. (adjective)
  • Of wine: high or too high in acidity. (adjective)
  • Sharp; keen; severe. (adjective)
  • A type of small open pie, or piece of pastry, containing jelly or conserve; a sort of fruit pie. (noun)
  • (slang) A prostitute. (noun)
  • (slang, derogatory) By extension, any woman with loose sexual morals. (noun)
  • To practice prostitution (verb)
  • To practice promiscuous sex (verb)
  • To dress garishly or ostentatiously (verb)
  • Examples of word tart

    • The word tart comes from the Latin word _tortus_, because tarts were originally in twisted shapes, and every country seems to have adopted them into their national menus.
    • The filling for the tart is a fairly standard brownie recipe, and the same can be said for the crust, and they come together quite easily.
    • If I make this again, I will use a loose-bottomed tart pan, rather than the pyrex pie pan, because the tart is a thin one - and a good thing too, as it is very sweet.
    • This tart is a great way to kick off your return to blogalnd!
    • "Yes, being a tart is a full time occupation," retorted Sharon to the retreating form.


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