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What is the meaning of taxable in Hindi?

Meaning of taxable in Hindi is : जिस पर कर लगाया जा सके

Definition of word taxable

  • subject to taxation. (adjective)
  • Something on which tax must be paid. (noun)

Examples of word taxable

    • The official added that these workless households could still claim £26,000 a year, the equivalent of £35,000 in taxable income.
    • Instead, increase your emergency funds in taxable accounts and open a Roth IRA.
    • The report claims that legalizing marijuana would save the state $1 billion on law enforcement, generate an estimated $350 million in taxable revenue and make marijuana a $14 billion industry, nearly twice the size of California's dairy industry, the state's next biggest agriculture industry.
    • However, Mr. Wyden's idea to renew Build America Bonds with what are known as taxable tax credits appears to reflect the general direction of federal policymakers.
    • How about this for a simple tax (no idea if percentages work, just a rough idea, and while they seem low remmeber no deductions at all, for example I made $97K last year but thanks to deductions only had $55K in taxable income), all income is equal capital gains vs salary vs inheritamce you name it:


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