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What is the meaning of tchinovnik in Hindi?

Meaning of tchinovnik in Hindi is :

Definition of word tchinovnik

Examples of word tchinovnik

  • But the most noteworthy point was, that from that day forward the apparition of the dead tchinovnik ceased to be seen.
  • So the dead tchinovnik began to appear even beyond the Kalinkin Bridge, causing no little terror to all timid people.
  • But many active and apprehensive persons could by no means reassure themselves, and asserted that the dead tchinovnik still showed himself in distant parts of the city.
  • He also is a tchinovnik — or rather, was a tchinovnik, since he was turned out of the service some time ago.
  • There are men, too — wretched busybodies — who walk about merely to see if they can find some wretched tchinovnik or broken-down official who has got toes projecting from his boots or his hair uncut!


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