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What is the meaning of tedious in Hindi?

Meaning of tedious in Hindi is : शब्दाडंबरपूर्ण

Definition of word tedious

Examples of word tedious

  • Albert Nobbs should've been called The Tedious Little Man Who Is Actually a Tedious Little Woman.
  • 'Tedious' spacewalk to fix Hubble black-hole camera
  • Tedious scoring guides, rubrics and professional development to understand them will be required of teachers in order to be properly prepared to assess parents.
  • Tedious graphic design types are always quacking on about Josef-Müller Brockmann et al but frankly those tasteful Swiss types are a bit of a one-trick sans-serif pony.
  • Tedious hours of zari production rob many children of time they might better spend studying, or simply playing and enjoying their youth.


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