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What is the meaning of tedious in Hindi?

Meaning of tedious in Hindi is : शब्दाडंबरपूर्ण

Definition of word tedious

  • Boring, monotonous, time consuming, wearisome. (adjective)

Examples of word tedious

  • CARROLL: Truckers say a ban would slow deliveries and make what they call a tedious job worse.
  • In school this is where teachers dragged out a boring five-paragraph essay by adding in tedious research, and mind-numbing outlines, before letting you just hammer out the rough draft like you wanted to do in the first place.
  • Also becoming tedious is the sight of the brothers pinned against walls and demons coming out of peoples mouths.
  • We continued our discussion by switching to the long-term tedious nuclear dossier of Iran.
  • In fact he went blind writing adolescent plots to rule the world in tedious and long winded detail under the bedclothes.


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