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What is the meaning of telecommunications in Hindi?

Meaning of telecommunications in Hindi is : दूरसंचार

Definition of word telecommunications

  • the science and technology of communication at a distance, especially the electronic transmission of signals; telecommunication (noun)
  • the systems used in transmitting such signals (noun)
  • Plural form of telecommunication. (noun)

Examples of word telecommunications

  • It's interesting to note that Canada's world leadership in telecommunications is traceable not only back to Alexander Graham Bell.
  • There really may not be a need for all the access, the structure by which the telecommunications is able to feed itself ends up increasing the network with sometimes less understanding and room for the social exchange.
  • During my work in telecommunications I've watched a tradition-bound corporation with its feet firmly in the analog/digital world shaken up by the advent of network-based Internet communications.
  • Ms. Chong says she wants to pursue a career in telecommunications mergers and acquisitions, and plans to stay in Asia for at least a few years after graduating.
  • He built a career in telecommunications based in California, even starting his own computer literacy program.


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