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What is the meaning of telegraphic in Hindi?

Meaning of telegraphic in Hindi is : तार सम्बन्धी

Definition of word telegraphic

  • of, or relating to the telegraph (adjective)
  • brief or concise, especially resembling a telegram with clipped syntax (adjective)

Examples of word telegraphic

    • The town is in telegraphic communication with the rest of the Republic.
    • For a considering moment he sought his words, then he gave them in short, telegraphic sentences:
    • The staccato style of prose with certain words omitted is called telegraphic prose honed to perfection by James Ellroy and I think that it is a style not too often, if ever really, seen in the SF/F genre but those of us who read hard-boiled tales fall into it's rhythms pretty easily.
    • Inward and outward electronic payments (sometimes referred to as telegraphic transfers) are a safe, convenient and cost-effective way of transferring money.
    • Electronic payments (also known as telegraphic transfers)


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