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What is the meaning of tell in Hindi?

Meaning of tell in Hindi is : सूचित करना

Definition of word tell

  • To count, reckon, or enumerate. (verb)
  • To narrate. (verb)
  • To convey by speech; to say. (verb)
  • To instruct or inform. (verb)
  • To order; to direct, to say to someone. (verb)
  • To discern, notice, identify or distinguish. (verb)
  • To reveal. (verb)
  • To be revealed. (verb)
  • To have an effect, especially a noticeable one; to be apparent, to be demonstrated. (verb)
  • A reflexive, often habitual behavior, especially one occurring in a context that often features attempts at deception by persons under psychological stress (such as a poker game or police interrogation), that reveals information that the person exhibiting the behavior is attempting to withhold. (noun)
  • A mound, originally in the Middle East, over or consisting of the ruins of ancient settlements. (noun)

Examples of word tell

  • Someone tell me we still have Batswana and Fiji on board……anyone……..tell me what to think…..
  • I won't tell you what it is now, but at the party I'll do better than _tell_ you; I'll _show_ you.
  • -- But, tell him from me, running to the trunk after her purse, and shaking it just at my ear, -- _tell him_, he shall never be a penny the better for this.
  • Pray tell me, only _tell me_, and he caught one of my hands, if this letter does not fix the _very_ day of your setting out for France?
  • But tell me, —tell me something, —tell me everything, Danforth, before I die!


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