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What is the meaning of tempo in Hindi?

Meaning of tempo in Hindi is : शैली

Definition of word tempo

  • a frequency or rate (noun)
    एक आवृत्ति या दर

Examples of word tempo

  • After any modification in tempo (either faster or slower) has been suggested it is usual to indicate a return to the normal rate by some such expression as _a tempo_ (lit. in time), _a tempo primo_ (lit. in the first time), _tempo primo_, or _tempo_.
  • Before the game, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said he wasn't sure how his team would react to the long layoff or the change in tempo from the high-scoring series against the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference finals that ended in five games more than a week ago.
  • Controlling the tempo is a strategy, going back to the 4-corners in college ball, and the ability to do it well indicates defensive skill.
  • In his writings he at first indicated this manner which gave so individual an impress to his virtuosity by the term tempo rubato: stolen, broken time ” a measure at once supple, abrupt, and languid, vacillating like the flame under the breath which agitates it, like the corn in a field swayed by the soft pressure of a warm air, like the top of trees bent hither and thither by a keen breeze.
  • [WYWH tempo is variable, but other than that, unbelievable.]
  • Later, once the basic techniques are mastered, the teacher introduces the concept of making the notes sound like music by playing them to a certain tempo or time.
  • Slow in tempo and often sweet, odd moments of discord in this piece seem to suggest the anxiety beneath.
  • And the tempo is high enough for one to wiggle around to.
  • With only 15 days to go until midterm election day on 2 November, the tempo is getting faster as candidates in crucial marginal seats scour their districts for votes and debates – such as the one between Rand Paul and Jack Conway last night – take centre stage.