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What is the meaning of tempt in Hindi?

Meaning of tempt in Hindi is : लुभाना

Definition of word tempt

  • To provoke someone to do wrong, especially by promising a reward; to entice. (verb)

Examples of word tempt

  • 16 Disappointment might urge the flatterer to secret revenge; and the first glance of favor might again tempt him to suspend and suppress a libel, 17 in which the Roman Cyrus is degraded into an odious and contemptible tyrant, in which both the emperor and his consort Theodora are seriously represented as two daemons, who had assumed a human form for the destruction of mankind.
  • Delays in product recalls tempt tragedyThe Los Angeles Times Mega Brands agreed to pay a civil penalty of $1.1 million last week in connection with a defective toy that caused the death of a toddler.
  • These labels tempt children with free gifts and seduce them to be loyal consumers of a particular product.
  • _I answer that, _ Properly speaking, to tempt is to test the person tempted.
  • For to tempt is to make an experiment, which is not done save in regard to something unknown.
  • Web is haven for student plagiarism | Record labels tempt iTunes users
  • By "tempt" I mean "when we were in New York and taking the train out to Sunnybrook, we went by a number of stations that had X3 posters, and I was tempted to get off and steal one of the Wolvie ones and if I'd seen a Rogue one I think I might actually have done it", so while there is no earthly need for a 4x6 poster, I, er, bid on it anyway.