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What is the meaning of tender in Hindi?

Meaning of tender in Hindi is : हल्का

Definition of word tender

  • Sensitive or painful to be touched. (adjective)
  • Soft and easily chewed. (adjective)
  • Fond, loving, gentle, sweet (adjective)
  • To make tender or delicate; to weaken. (verb)
  • To feel tenderly towards; to regard fondly. (verb)
  • Someone who tends or waits on someone. (noun)
  • A railroad car towed behind a steam engine to carry fuel and water. (noun)
  • A naval ship that functions as a mobile base for other ships. (noun)
  • A smaller boat used for transportation between a large ship and the shore. (noun)
  • To offer, to give. (verb)
  • To offer a payment, as at sales or auctions. (verb)
  • A means of payment such as a check or cheque, cash or credit card. (noun)
  • A formal offer to buy or sell something. (noun)
  • Any offer or proposal made for acceptance. (noun)

Examples of word tender

  • The word that this singer uses is one that only appears in this place, and if we regard its etymology, there lies in it a very tender and beautiful expression of the warmth of the divine love, for it is probably connected with words in an allied language which mean the _bosom_ and a _tender embrace_, and so the picture that we have is of that great divine Lover folding 'the people' to His heart, as a mother might her child, and cherishing them in His bosom.
  • Seared or grilled, as they are here, the lamb cubes become what he called "tender little morsels."
  • ` ` This craven, '' he thought, ` ` will lose the day in pure faintness and cowardice of heart, which he calls tender conscience.
  • They are what we call tender, you see, and in November they must be bent down close to the ground and covered with earth, or else every cane would be dead from frost by spring.
  • I felt my mother’s hand on my shoulder and saw her face reflected in the window, her expression tender as she looked at the baby in my arms, her eyes shining as she kissed me and then the baby’s forehead; her secret face, the one she’s only ever shown to me.


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