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What is the meaning of tenderness in Hindi?

Meaning of tenderness in Hindi is : स्पर्शसह्यता

Definition of word tenderness

  • a tendency to express warm, compassionate feelings (noun)
  • concern for the feelings or welfare of others (noun)
  • pain or discomfort when an affected area is touched (noun)

Examples of word tenderness

  • Iago devotes himself to wronged Othello, and says, _Let him command whatever bloody business_, and in me it shall be an act, not of cruelty, but _of tenderness, to obey him_; not of malice to other, but of _tenderness_ for him.
  • I very well understand what you call tenderness, madam; but in some situations, pity -- pity -- is the greatest insult.
  • I never, my dear girl, knew happiness till now; my tenderness is absolutely a species of idolatry; you cannot think what a slave this lovely girl has made me.
  • Tess and her mother, the Ungers, and other friends heard him speak to the college graduates about the word tenderness as it is enacted in Chekhov’s novella Ward No. 6.
  • But I feel a certain tenderness towards all of the characters, perhaps especially the most flawed ones.


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