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What is the meaning of tending in Hindi?

Meaning of tending in Hindi is : सेवा

Definition of word tending

  • Action of the verb to tend. (noun)
  • Present participle of tend. (verb)

Examples of word tending

    • Bar tending is high on the list of the most dangerous jobs in the country ..
    • The U.S. should have seen an increase in the money supply, causing higher prices and over the long term tending to restore trade balance.
    • More on lump sums: Research, caution help in tending lump sumADVICE: Five tips to protect your lump sumGOVERNMENT: Will Congress ever cut retiree benefits?
    • No, Anna Marie Jarvis wanted to honor her mother, who had been active in tending the wounded of both sides during the Civil War, for having been a leader in Mother's Day campaigns for peace and worker's safety and health from the end of that war to her death.
    • Another purpose is a form of lightning protection, again tending to keep the house wiring relatively close to ground during a lightning strike.


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