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What is the meaning of tense in Hindi?

Meaning of tense in Hindi is : बेचैन

Definition of word tense

  • Showing signs of stress or strain; not relaxed. (adjective)
    तनाव या तनाव के लक्षण दिखा रहा है; आराम नहीं।
  • To make or become tense. (verb)
    तंग करना या बनाना।
  • Any of the forms of a verb which distinguish when an action or state of being occurs or exists. (noun)
    क्रिया का कोई भी रूप जो तब भेद करता है जब कोई क्रिया या होने की स्थिति होती है या मौजूद होती है।

Examples of word tense

  • Mom backed away, and Grandma sat down again, her expression tense and frightened.
  • The word tense at this juncture would be a grave understatement.
  • To millions of schoolchildren, the word tense meant only how you felt before a pop quiz.
  • She bent closer, her expression tense with concentration.
  • In English grammar, the term tense is reserved for verbs (associated with the concept of time).