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What is the meaning of tensed in Hindi?

Meaning of tensed in Hindi is :

Definition of word tensed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of tense. (verb)

Examples of word tensed

  • His expression tensed, lips held firmly shut over clenched teeth, then assumed a submissive position: head bowed, ears front and down, elbows out, and all fourteen fingers interlocked to show contrition.
  • Then his expression tensed with the realization of what Flinx was telling him.
  • CHUCK WRIGHT, EYEWITNESS: I was standing next to the atrium, and all of the sudden I heard these loud noises, like pop, pop, pop in a row and I immediately, I kind of tensed up, and I thought, what is that?
  • The second I said it I kind of tensed and told myself I should be humoring him, that I was a sixty-four-year-old man with high blood pressure and worse cholesterol and he looked like a cruiserweight boxer.
  • Everybody tensed up in anticipation of Louie's inevitable punishment, but then a wonderful thing happened.