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What is the meaning of tensing in Hindi?

Meaning of tensing in Hindi is :

Definition of word tensing

  • Present participle of tense. (verb)

Examples of word tensing

  • When a man became aware that his heart was racing or his muscles were tensing, he was coached to say, "I need a time out" and then to immediately leave the room before the "automatic" violent behavior emerged.
  • This means that the difference between keen and kin is that in the former the vowel “involves considerable tensing of the vocal apparatus” (Roca and Johnson p. 182).
  • “Rosario agreed to spend the week with me,” he said, his voice tensing.
  • When I got behind the wheel of Coche I turned to look at Dad, who was already tensing up his leg muscles as I prepared to slide the front seat forward.
  • My entire body orgasmed, my legs and muscles tensing and clenching with pleasure, my breath exploding in a shudder.