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What is the meaning of tension in Hindi?

Meaning of tension in Hindi is : विद्युत् शक्ति

Definition of word tension

  • Psychological state of being tense. (noun)
  • Condition of being held in a state between two or more forces, which are acting in opposition to each other (noun)
  • (engineering) State of an elastic object which is stretched in a way which increases its length. (noun)
  • (engineering) Force transmitted through a rope, string, cable, or similar object (used with prepositions on, in, or of, e.g., "The tension in the cable is 1000 N", to convey that the same magnitude of force applies to objects attached to both ends). (noun)
  • Voltage. Usually only the terms low tension, high tension, and extra-high tension, and the abbreviations LT, HT, and EHT are used. They are not precisely defined; LT is normally a few volts, HT a few hundreds of volts, and EHT thousands of volts. (noun)
  • To place an object in tension, to pull or place strain on. (verb)

Examples of word tension

  • •tension or compression shall not exceed the extreme fibre stress given above for rolled beams and shapes, or in case of built members the above tension and compression stresses -
  • The main tension is between communist Russia and capitalist America.
  • We do find out, but the ending seems to diffuse the tension is a less than satisfactory way.
  • Because inevitably, as my past experience has shown to be true, if the tension is there, it will eventually develop.
  • "Antagonistic would be too strong," DeKay says, "but the tension is always there because the underlying theme here is trust: At any time, he can run, and we're both aware of that."


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