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What is the meaning of tentacle in Hindi?

Meaning of tentacle in Hindi is : स्पर्शक

Definition of word tentacle

  • An elongated, boneless, flexible organ or limb of some animals, such as the octopus and squid. (noun)

Examples of word tentacle

  • If one tentacle is chopped off, the starfish grows a new one, making it a model of resilience.
  • The right tentacle is recognizable (blue arrow) and so is the pneumostome, the breathing hole (green arrow).
  • The structure of each tentacle is based on the Fin Ray Effect®.
  • The tip of the tentacle was a hardened ball, the size of a large fist.
  • These all possess an extraordinary organ situated on the neck, the well-known Y-shaped tentacle, which is entirely concealed in a state of repose, but which is capable of being suddenly thrown out by the insect when alarmed.


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