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What is the meaning of ter in Hindi?

Meaning of ter in Hindi is :

Definition of word ter

Examples of word ter

  • An 'I been surveyin' de lan'scape o'er tryin 'ter think about eve'ything I can do _ter start right_.
  • Lull; new voice, young girl's, "I'm goin 'ter tyke my mother's part;" dialogue, repeated about five times, "I'll do as I like, blankety, blank, blank!"
  • We do maintain some of the quirky British pronunciations, such as Glocester and Worcester (should be "WUSS-ter", is actually pronounced "WUSS-tah" with the Boston accent, and is definitely NOT "Worr-chest-er" as everyone from outside New England says it!)
  • As for the words, well us 'as our own ways of sayin' down yer and yer's your chance to do the same, and don't you be forget'in ter 'down yer prong' and watch out for the 'gurt big stoan'.
  • The Joss-ter is Back with a Super-Villain and a Musical Score - 2008


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