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What is the meaning of terminate in Hindi?

Meaning of terminate in Hindi is : सीमा बांधना

Definition of word terminate

  • To finish or end. (verb)
  • To kill. (verb)
  • To end the employment contract of an employee; to fire or lay off. (verb)
  • Terminated; limited; bounded; ended. (adjective)
  • Having a definite and clear limit or boundary; having a determinate size, shape or magnitude. (adjective)
  • Expressible in a finite number of terms; (of a decimal) not recurring or infinite. (adjective)

Examples of word terminate

  • Brooks found the use of the word terminate very unsettling.
  • When hostilities terminate is completely up to those who organize and participate in violent jihad against the West.
  • I'm in terminate mode, and I'm trying not to get out of it.
  • I hate the word terminate - it doesnt gross me out - but it is just such a nasty word!
  • The plural might be uniformly made in d, following a vowel, and if a word terminate in a consonant, then in ad.