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What is the meaning of terminology in Hindi?

Meaning of terminology in Hindi is : शब्दावली

Definition of word terminology

  • The doctrine of terms; a theory of terms or appellations; a treatise on terms, a system of specialized terms. (noun)
  • The set of terms actually used in any business, art, science, or the like; nomenclature; technical terms; as, the terminology of chemistry. (noun)

Examples of word terminology

    • This change in terminology is not intended to be hostile or vengeful, though such reactions would not seem unwarranted at this point, but it would serve two clear purposes:
    • (If you do manage to master the label terminology, you can tell which German rieslings are sweet and which are dry, as you cannot from the labels of most wines from, say, Alsace.)
    • Just in case the terminology is a bit unclear, nursing refers to looking after an aged or infirm relative, and “returning to the workforce systems” is for mothers looking for a new job, as currently they find it very difficult to get a professional post after a few years out of the market.
    • So you’re right, precision in terminology is important, and I’m willing to bet that in the poll shown in the original post, none of these ideas were given as background.
    • Ignorance over terminology is not the only issue here.


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