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What is the meaning of tern in Hindi?

Meaning of tern in Hindi is : लम्बी फटी पूँछ की समुद्री चिडया।

Definition of word tern

  • Any of various sea birds of the family Sternidae that are similar to gulls but are smaller, more elegant and have a forked tail. (noun)
  • That which consists of, or pertains to, three things or numbers together. (noun)
  • A lottery prize resulting from the favourable combination of three numbers in the draw. (noun)

Examples of word tern

  • Then you will start radiating the same vibes and moral energy to others, who in tern will hopefully learn to act the same.
  • The tern is a beautiful little bird about twice as big as a swallow, and somewhat resembling it in its flight, but much more graceful.
  • The tern is a very pretty bird with light grey plumage, a black head and red beak and feet.
  • Sports Xtra debuted on Jan. 11 on WNSR SportsRadio 560-AM, it was only a little surprising that the show's team of twentysomething hosts, Jeff Thurn (pronounced "tern") and Henry Nichols, would lay a slightly alternative rap on Nashville listeners.
  • A sooty tern: dozens were spotted in New Jersey – far north of their tropical home – after Hurricane Floyd in September 1999.


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