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What is the meaning of terrier in Hindi?

Meaning of terrier in Hindi is : टैरियर

Definition of word terrier

  • A dog from a group of small, lively breeds, originally bred for the hunting of burrowing prey such as rabbits or foxes. (noun)
  • A collection of acknowledgments of the vassals or tenants of a lordship, containing the rents and services they owed to the lord, etc. (noun)
  • A book or roll in which the lands of private persons or corporations are described by their site, boundaries, number of acres, etc.; a terrar. (noun)

Examples of word terrier

  • When doggy men beyond ocean talk about a terrier, they usually pronounce it _tarrier_, and not _terrier_, as we mostly call him on this bank of the Atlantic.
  • It was an English scene, and the two men, the dog at their feet, (for Peter Dealtry favoured a wirey stone-coloured cur, which he called a terrier,) and just at the door of the little inn, two old gossips, loitering on the threshold in familiar chat with the landlady, in cap and kerchief, -- all together made a groupe equally
  • You start out with a goal, and a clear intention to pursue it -- aiming, let's say, for information on which kind of terrier is best with children -- and the next thing you know, you're engrossed in an online chat about Napolean Bonaparte.
  • If I couldn't get ten pounds for him, just like that, with a thank-you - ma'am, I'm a sucker that don't know a terrier from a greyhound.
  • Thereafter, when any cat came into view, the dog would retreat to his doghouse and, I suppose, peruse his collection of Playmutts (last month's centerfold, a fox terrier, is really hot by the way).


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