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What is the meaning of territoriality in Hindi?

Meaning of territoriality in Hindi is : प्रादेशिकता

Definition of word territoriality

  • The fact or legal status of being a territory. (noun)
  • The pattern of behaviour in animals that defines and defends a territory. (noun)
  • A pattern of human behaviour characterised by defence of a particular territory or area of interest. (noun)

Examples of word territoriality

  • Viz., it appears that territoriality is an issue after all.
  • Greater interdependence means that territoriality is no longer entitled to the hold it has had over the private international law of IP.
  • One popular but now outdated theory is that the brain has three parts: the reptilian brain, which includes the structures and functions we share with reptiles such as territoriality; the paleomammalian brain, a group of related structures that manages social emotions and behaviors like nurturing or reciprocity in all mammals; and the neocortex, which manages evaluation and reasoning in the most complex mammals, especially humans.
  • It was a landmark document based on the International Labor Organization's Resolution 169, the universally accepted benchmark for defining an indigenous people stipulating they have both territory or habitat and "territoriality" meaning they have autonomy over their own lands free from government control.
  • Brachman said expansion of state land-use authority can incite "territoriality" among municipalities.


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