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What is the meaning of test in Hindi?

Meaning of test in Hindi is : सोना आदि धातु शोधने की कटोरी

Definition of word test

  • A challenge. (noun)
  • An examination, given often during the academic term. (noun)
  • A session in which a product or piece of equipment is examined under everyday or extreme conditions to evaluate its durability, etc. (noun)
  • A Test match. (noun)
  • The external calciferous shell, or endoskeleton, of an echinoderm, e.g. sand dollars and sea urchins. Two sea urchin tests (noun)
  • testa; seed coat (noun)
  • To challenge. (verb)
  • To administer or assign an examination that is given often during the academic term. (verb)
  • To place a product or piece of equipment under everyday and/or extreme conditions and examine it for its durability, etc. (verb)
  • To be shown to be by test. (verb)
  • To make a testament, or will. (verb)

Examples of word test

  • Posted Yesterday, 11: 26 pm possible debugging - var test = "imageurl" + TLSTimeInSeconds; alert ( "Looking for:" +test);
  • Create a folder named test that contains two files one named. _test.txt and test. txt on OSX and copy to an SMB share on W2k3.
  • Class - goodmorning mr. jonas Joe - * holds up a stack of papers* were gonna start today with a science test Class - * all groan* Joe - oh stop it, its not that hard * hands out the tests* remember, if u have any questions, raise ur hands. you have 45 minutes to do this, so enjoy * sits at his desk/looks at nick* Nick - * looks up at him/mouths* evil Joe - * mouths back* I love you Nick - * blushes/starts his test* ~Right Before Lunch~ Nick -
  • [test] writeable = yes force user = test force group = test path =/test write list = test @test
  • RUN explorer c: \ send {t} {space} this will select the test file, but not always, as there could be more files starting with a t and no i dont want to put a highly unusual character infront of test. txt, like ~test. txt to make it stand out, this is really n gging me other yucky workaround: run cmd,, winwaitactive C: \Windows\system32\cmd. exe send explorer/select, % profile%\my jumplists\kk\edit kk. lnk {enter} sleep 200 winclose C: \Windows\system32\cmd. exe


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