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What is the meaning of tested in Hindi?

Meaning of tested in Hindi is : जाँचा परखा

Definition of word tested

  • Simple past tense and past participle of test. (verb)

Examples of word tested

  • (Harvin tested positive for marijuana at the NFL combine, according to two league executives who saw Harvin's name on the report released to NFL teams but are not authorized to discuss the subject and spoke on the condition of anonymity).
  • If the rifle I tested is any indication, the answer is yes.
  • One way in which machine translations get tested is that you take a text in the first language, translate it to the second, then translate it back.
  • Every one of the eight ads we tested is focused on the candidate's message on jobs and the economy
  • A year later, Khrushchev again tested the inexperienced President Kennedy by placing deadly nuclear missiles 90 miles from our shores in Communist Cuba.
  • Clay tested is the equivalent as UL (Underwriters Laboratory) tested!
  • The reason we haven't had him tested is because our school district will just put him in Special education, which is basically where they put the slow kids or the violent kids, and forget about them.