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What is the meaning of teston in Hindi?

Meaning of teston in Hindi is :

Definition of word teston

  • A tester; a sixpence. (noun)

Examples of word teston

  • As we entered their den, said a common mumper, to whom we had given half a teston, Worshipful culprits, God send you a good deliverance!
  • And when he changed a teston, cardecu, or any other piece of money, the changer had been more subtle than a fox if Panurge had not at every time made five or six sols (that is, some six or seven pence,) vanish away invisibly, openly, and manifestly, without making any hurt or lesion, whereof the changer should have felt nothing but the wind.
  • This art is so far advanced in Paris that there are tavernkeepers who will give you something to eat at their places for all prices, for a teston, for an écu, for four, for ten, even for twenty apiece if you wish it, but for twenty écus I hope they will give you manna en potage or roast phoenix, or whatever in the world is most precious.13
  • I have been told on good authority that in the town (lodgings, as opposed to a college) one can live quite decently on 16 or at most 20 crowns: also that sometimes three or four students, or more, take a house or a room, and then club together and engage a cook, and that their weekly bills scarcely amount to a teston < 1/5 of a crown > a head.
  • You cannot give him less than a shilling in conscience, for the book he had it out of cost him a teston at least.


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