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What is the meaning of thankfulness in Hindi?

Meaning of thankfulness in Hindi is : कृतज्ञता

Definition of word thankfulness

  • The state of being thankful. (noun)

Examples of word thankfulness

  • After another stressful week at work thankfulness is not the first thing that comes to mind, but it quickly follows in an odd sort of way.
  • She also cried, for his loss, but also in thankfulness that his family could family could put him to rest.
  • We have many positive things to say in thankfulness about the progress of Canada and her provinces.
  • All hearts were lifted up in thankfulness that the end was near.
  • I pay nothing of sadness to the memory of my poor brother, but I presently disperse it with thinking what I owe in thankfulness that 'tis not you I mourn for.


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