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What is the meaning of thankless in Hindi?

Meaning of thankless in Hindi is : व्यर्थ

Definition of word thankless

  • not appreciated or rewarded (adjective)
  • ungrateful or unappreciative (adjective)

Examples of word thankless

  • That being said, natural charisma goes a long way and even in thankless, underwritten parts, my biggest complaint was that I wanted to see more of the characters.
  • KOINANGE (voice-over): Ten years of glitz and glamour, honoring the men and women who serve in what many here call a thankless profession.
  • European Powers is exhausted on Poland, and that neither pity nor shame will induce them to break a thankless neutrality, here; but in the face of all barely probable contingencies, I doubt no more of the ultimate result, than I doubt of the ultimate performance of the justice of God.
  • GOLDMAN: The BCS hired Hancock in 2005, partly because he had the right temperament for what one BCS official calls a thankless job.
  • Not only didn't he mind being given a job often described as thankless, but in real life David


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