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What is the meaning of there in Hindi?

Meaning of there in Hindi is : वहां

Definition of word there

  • In a place or location (stated, implied or otherwise indicated) at some distance from the speaker (compare here). (adverb)
  • In that matter, relation, etc.; at that point, stage, etc., regarded as a distinct place. (adverb)
  • To or into that place; thither. (adverb)
  • Where, there where, in which place. (adverb)
  • In existence or in this world; see pronoun section below. (adverb)
  • Used to offer encouragement or sympathy. (interjection)
  • Used to express victory or completion. (interjection)
  • That place. (noun)
  • That status; that position. (noun)
  • Used as an expletive subject of be in its sense of “exist”, with the semantic, usually indefinite subject being postponed or (occasionally) implied. (pronoun)
  • Used with other intransitive verbs of existence, in the same sense, or with other intransitive verbs, adding a sense of existence. (pronoun)
  • Used with other verbs, when raised. (pronoun)
  • That. (pronoun)
  • Used to replace an unknown name, principally in greetings and farewells (pronoun)

Examples of word there

  • And down south it was not so cold there and there were many grasslands and savannahs there and there  appeared adot.
  • We've been promised non-linear narratives since HyperCard, and there are some out there*.
  • If there is one person I admire and love for chutzpah, her sex appeal is Kumar the Cross Dresser ..there is none like her , and I dont even know how to contact her ...,this is Kumar the make up artist with his sister ..and me definitely not her brother ha ha ha ha ha
  • Now I must state , the signals where the hijras begged clapping their hands are still there but the hijras have moved on ..and hijras at this level have two alternatives beg or solicit..there is no other job option and Maharashtra with its hoopla of Bandra Sea Link will take another million years to do what Mr Karunanidhi's government has done for the Aravanis the transgender of Tamil Nadu.
  • I am going there now..there better be no line now.


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