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What is the meaning of thespian in Hindi?

Meaning of thespian in Hindi is : नाट्य संबंधी

Definition of word thespian

  • of, or relating to drama and acting; dramatic, theatrical (adjective)
  • an actor or player (noun)

Examples of word thespian

    • That sounded strange to me, so I called my thespian friend, Eric Oleson (it's okay to call him that because he's openly thespian).
    • Growing up, Suzy Berger would cringe when she was called a thespian.
    • Frankly I don't know why, it's not like his career has taken off in a different direction or anything, sure it's gone another way, but he's not become known as a thespian all of a sudden!
    • Giamatti’s tormented thespian is attempting to survive an especially grueling stage production of “Uncle Vanya.”
    • Very early I recall a thespian named Thoman, who was supported by a Julia Pelby.


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