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What is the meaning of thimble in Hindi?

Meaning of thimble in Hindi is : धातुछल्ला

Definition of word thimble

  • A pitted, now usually metal, cap for the fingers, used in sewing to push the needle. (noun)
  • A similarly shaped socket in machinery. (noun)
  • A thimbleful. (noun)
  • A ring of metal or rope used in a ship's rigging; it is a protection against chafing. (noun)

Examples of word thimble

  • Grandpa worries that your thimble is the size of your brain ….
  • The black raspberry, which we called thimble berry, was found along the stone walls, but was not abundant.
  • BTW in the picture above, you can see I pinned the pleats to the middle zipper section: I had to sew them by hand (and sewing through naughahyde without a thimble is rough, I'll tell you!).
  • Here and there cluster flocks of light, portable booths, each also with a swaying lantern, where steaming tea is sold in thimble-cups; where saki may be drunk hot and hot, poured from long-necked porcelain bottles, or trays of queer, toothsome-looking sweetmeats are to be had for coins of infinitesimal value.
  • A thimble could be a tailor or someone with a thimble fetish.


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