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What is the meaning of thinking in Hindi?

Meaning of thinking in Hindi is : सोचविचार

Definition of word thinking

  • Gerund of think. (noun)
  • Present participle of think. (verb)

Examples of word thinking

  • I remember thinking that his debate performance was fine, his "problem" was that he was * thinking* before responding to a question, which gives off the appearance of being clumsy with words.
  • Thus, if Simmias is thinking about Socrates, a quality of Simmias corresponds to both the concepts ˜thinking of™ and ˜thought about™.
  • It would be thinking if we personify it a little, since it wouldn't exactly be *thinking*, I guess, OH MY GOD!
  • Is there a problem with my thinking or is *my thinking* itself a problem.
  • _Themistocles used to walk at night because (as he said) he couldn't sleep_.a. Verbs of _thinking_ and _saying_ often stand in the Subjunctive in causal clauses as though the act of thinking or saying, and not the contents of the thought or language, constituted the reason.


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