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What is the meaning of third in Hindi?

Meaning of third in Hindi is : तृतीय स्वर (गांधार

Definition of word third

  • The ordinal form of the cardinal number three; Coming after the second. (adjective)
  • The person or thing in the third position. (noun)
  • One of three equal parts of a whole. (noun)
  • The third gear of an engine. (noun)
  • An interval consisting of the first and third notes in a scale. (noun)
  • third base (noun)
  • One sixtieth of a second, i.e., the third in a series of fractional parts in a sexagesimal number system. Also formerly known as a tierce. (noun)
  • To agree with a proposition or statement after it has already been seconded. (verb)
  • To divide into three equal parts. (verb)

Examples of word third

  • He likes the term 'third way', because his own political philosophy, developed in the late 1960s, was a version of this idea.
  • And coming up in third is Liberal MP Lucienne Robillard in Westmount-Ville-Marie at $27 million.
  • Am I the only person who objects to the term third-wave feminist?
  • The term third-hand smoke was coined in a study that appeared in the January 2009 edition of the journal "Pediatrics," in which it was reported that only 65 percent of non-smokers and
  • Many different countries, with very different cultures and economies are classed under the term third world and I will be examining how accurate or inaccurate the sweeping "third world" statement may be and the possible justifications for its continued use by not only the media and charity organisations, but the leaders of the third world themselves.


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