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What is the meaning of thorn in Hindi?

Meaning of thorn in Hindi is : शूल

Definition of word thorn

  • A topographic surname for someone living near a thorn bush. (proper-noun)

Examples of word thorn

  • However, the Patrol force finally succeeded in working out a combination of the immersed-antenna and the semipermeable-condenser types, which they called the Thorn-dyke heavy-duty switch.
  • K. does will identify with his despair and cheer him as he comes to share Poker Face Jace's conviction that "what you call a Thorn & a Curse is really a Blessing."
  • Can the Fables and the Literals unite to keep Kevin Thorn from writing them out of existence?
  • The book opens where Old Man's Cave left off: the rat creatures and their human allies begin the assault on the Northern Valley's only stronghold while Fone Bone and his companions rescue Thorn from the Hooded One's sacrifice.
  • The young woman Thorn is pretty and probably about twenty, with a chipper personality and exceptionally big hair.


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