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What is the meaning of threefold in Hindi?

Meaning of threefold in Hindi is : तीन गुन्

Definition of word threefold

  • three times as great (adjective)
  • triple (adjective)
  • by a factor of three (adverb)

Examples of word threefold

  • In China, eBay EachNet added 2.3 million new users, more than any market outside the United States, to reach a total of 20.3 million users. eBay India surpassed the 2 million user mark and listings jumped threefold from the year-ago quarter.
  • The tripod stand should be of the so-called threefold variety, with sliding legs which can be adapted to broken ground.
  • Then He has shown us what we shall see, that is, the threefold coming.
  • This preparation of the subject, which raises him up to the revealed object and tunes him to it, is for the individual person the disposition we could call the threefold unity of faith, hope, and love, a disposition that must already be present at least in an inchoative way in the very first genuine encounter.
  • The burs were ripe, and had just begun to divide, not "threefold," but fourfold, "to show the fruit within."


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