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What is the meaning of throb in Hindi?

Meaning of throb in Hindi is : स्पंदन करना

Definition of word throb

  • To pound or beat rapidly or violently (verb)
  • To vibrate or pulsate with a steady rhythm (verb)
  • A beating, vibration or palpitation (noun)

Examples of word throb

  • The steady _throb -- throb -- throb_ of the propeller was again shaking the yacht as she took up her journey.
  • As I stood waiting and listening for the enemy's order to attack, I could feel my heart go _throb, throb, throb, throb_, so hard that I seemed to be hearing it at the same time making a dull echo in my brain.
  • At last one word escaped from his lips, and in an instant -- _throb, throb, throb, throb_ -- there was a heavy beating on his ribs, a joyous whining sound greeted his ears, and a cold nose and wet tongue were playing about his face.
  • I'll be there steady ready to take up the fight of mother and daughter divided unsatisfied forever antagonistic cry sorrow let your ovary throb from the pain of my absence
  • And between the last ‘ob’ in the word throb and the words now written, I have passed a delicious period of perhaps an hour, perhaps a minute, I know not how long, thinking of that holy first love and of her who inspired it.


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