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What is the meaning of thrust in Hindi?

Meaning of thrust in Hindi is : हथियार की नोक से वार

Definition of word thrust

Examples of word thrust

  • After Operation Mountain Thrust came to an end, Taliban fighters flooded back into the Panjwaii district in numbers that had not been seen yet in a single area in the "post-Anaconda" war.
  • Mountain Thrust involves forces from Britain, Canada and the United States, among other nations, as well as around 3,000 soldiers from Afghanistan’s fledgling army.
  • And the possibility that the $360 million prototype will veer off course is a real risk, according to both the Air Force 45th Space Wing and NASA managers, because the rocket's vibrations could also wreck its steering system, known as the Thrust Vector Control, or TVC.
  • Officially called the Thrust Control Lever, or TCL, the Blottle worked like an airplane throttle, as Brigadier General Harry Blot had insisted it must when he ran the Osprey program for Navair in the late 1980s: you pushed it forward for more power and pulled it back for less.
  • "Thrust" was not among the definitions I used for love!


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